Sports Facilities for Disabled People

At present, 16.5% of adults take part in active sports, but only 6.5% of disabled people participate. Unfortunately, disabled people wanting to take part in sport face extra problems: transport, money, lack of suitable clubs and lack of information.

Your challenge is to produce a 10 minute presentation that includes your research on the sports facilities available to disabled people now and your recommendations to increase disability sports that are available in your school and local area.


Design an App or Website

Many people own handheld devices such as a smartphone or tablet. As a result, the market for apps has risen. They are designed to make your life a bit easier – or more fun at least – by enabling information and entertainment to be carried around in your pocket or bag and accessed quickly at the simple touch of a button.

Your challenge is to produce a 10 minute presentation about either (1) your proposed app either designed to support a sport or STEM related event taking place at your school or to promote STEM in your school or local area, or (2) design a website for a disabled sportsperson to help raise the profile of the sportsperson and their sport to motivate more young disabled people to get involved in sport.


Travel and Carbon Footprints

People use transport every day. It could be for a quick ten minute drive to work or to fly thousands of miles across the world on holiday. As the number of people using transport increases, their carbon footprint will increase – and this is a problem because CO2 emissions from transport are a major contributor to climate change.

Your challenge is to produce a 10 minute presentation proposing sustainable travel plans for the journey from your school or home to two different event venues.


Develop a new Sports Venue

Designing and developing any building is a complex and time-consuming process. It involves many stages and even more people! All structures, however large or small, start as an idea. Someone has a vision of what they would like. They enlist the help of experts – such as architects, engineers and construction workers. A project manager then liaises with all the people involved and co-ordinates the process.

Your challenge is to produce a 10 minute presentation for the development of a new sports venue in your local area.


Design a Sports Glove

Gloves are not just for wearing in the winter to keep your hands warm. There are many different types of glove to cater for a variety of purposes. For example, gloves are used in a huge range of sports.

Your challenge is to design a glove to be used in a sport of your choice. You should create a 10 minute presentation with your proposal for your glove.


Catching the Drugs Cheats

Doping control is extremely important to help look after the integrity of sport and the health of sportsmen and women. Doping control makes sure that sportsmen and women are safe and that competition is fair. This way only the most talented, honest and hard-working people in sport will win.

Your challenge is to produce a 10 minute presentation proving you have the skills and quality to provide a proficient anti-doping laboratory service.


Wetsuits for Paratriathletes

Triathlon is an event that requires competitors to complete a three-stage race of swimming, cycling and running. Triathletes wear special wetsuits for the swim which are then removed before the cycling and running stages. Triathlon wetsuits are, of course, expertly designed – but they are designed for able-bodied athletes. This poses a serious problem for paratriathletes.

Your challenge is to design a new wetsuit for a paratriathlete. You should create a 10 minute presentation with your proposals for a new wetsuit design.


Creating Sparks for Energy

Imagine that a new state-of-the-art, eco-friendly house has just been built in your local area. The house has been described as the best of its kind. The council are so impressed with this achievement in design and engineering, that they want to invite all local residents to the unveiling of the building and to watch the lighting of the bio-fuel power generator. Such an occasion requires a suitably spectacular method of lighting…

Your challenge is to design a human-powered invention for creating the spark that will light the generator.You need to produce a 10 minute presentation outlining your design with evidence that your device will work.


Maths and Science Challenge 2012

This STEM Challenge formed part of Cisco’s Out of the blocks Maths and Science Series 2012. All the original resources for this STEM Challenge can still be downloaded, free of charge, here.